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Shutting Our Eyes to Magic Miracles Closes Doors in the Face of Humanity

Miracles – unexplained phenomena in nature interwoven with the consequences of Life. Like momentary bits of magic, miracles do abound. All it takes to notice is belief, a discerning eye, and careful observation all around.

In fitful anger, the world watched as the Haitian government called off the search for survivors to two recent earthquakes. Angry because the very day prior brought elated success at unearthing a person alive from the rubble ten days after the wretched initial event [1].

The constraints of science tell us that the human body can only survive 10 days without water and 21-73 days without food [2]. It is also common knowledge that Haiti is located in a hot tropical climate. What it denies is that those time spans were configured by the logical mind of man, negating the miraculous forces of nature.

Considering the level of international aid, including trained canine search teams, it almost seemed cruel to bear witness. As if by divine design – a magic miracle touched. Four days after President Rene Preval of Haiti cancelled the rescue search, and 15 days after the Earth had knocked Port Au Prince to its knees with crippling devastation, a 17 year old girl was found alive.

‘It must be the Coca-Cola --- or perhaps water access’ officials were quick to explain away [3]. To refuse acknowledgement that indeed, a magic miracle had occurred, Coca-Cola intervention or not, was to refuse the responsibility owed to the people of Haiti as it seemingly squelched the possibility that such a magic miracle could occur again.

So, even though with mangled leg, infection did not consume – and without food, coupled with injury, her blood sugar levels did not render her comatose – that without power to pump water and pipes now collapsed -- a weakened cry, a kitten-like meow, might be heard, however strangled, in that ghost town.

Yet, they still refuse admission a magic miracle has occurred, and by that very nature, is destined to repeat. Rather than supporting the existence of a higher deity, or God, as believed by 87% of the world [4], a decision to abandon human lives was made based on written record. Written records, however, do not always accurately reflect reality.

Similar prideful, but stubborn, attitudes handicap American bureaucracy. The classification of marijuana as a Class I substance, having no medical significance [5], denies the truth that cannabis is a bit of a magic miracle itself. Not only that, but this prohibition incarcerates and strips the civil rights of millions of peaceful, productive citizens – a total of 847,863 people according to FBI Uniform Crime Report 2008. That is 33% of the United States’ total prison population charged with marijuana related offenses, most of which were possession charges. Now wardens of the state and federal governments, this overabundance of forced dependence costs taxpayers an innumerable amount exceeding into billions of dollars a year to maintain [6].

Beneficially providing pain control, cannabis also stimulates a gain in appetite, an increase in focus for ADHD/ADD, sleep regulation, sexual arousal, reduced anxiety, and vision improvement. When eaten, the seeds alone offer invaluable minerals like phosphorous, potassium, magnesium, sulphur, calcium, iron and zinc. Marijuana seeds are also a vital source of essential fatty acids that protect against various cancers and ailments from heart disease, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, skin ailments, and more. Nutrition and the importance of a good appetite cannot be diminished. It is the lack of nutrients that cause disease and ultimately, death [7].

Since inhaled resins that settle in the airway work themselves out quickly with proper hydration, it is speculated that perhaps it even functions as a ‘sticky sweeper’ of sorts as it mimics nasal secretions. This would mean that with modest use, the smoke would also serve to protect the body by trapping disease causing germs in the respiratory system.

The 80’s-born myth of your brain frying like eggs under the influence of pot has been disproven repeatedly. World leaders, CEO’s, professors, and healthcare workers alike have all had their share of this underground magic miracle. Many college students boasting a 4.0 GPA smoke while they study. This allows them the ability to tune out all other distractions and concentrate, while it also opens the mind for information to be looked at from several perspectives, if necessary – and the information sticks.

The United States’ own DEA Administrative Law Judge, Francis Young, elaborates on the safety of cannabis:

In strict medical terms marijuana is far safer than many foods we commonly consume. For example, eating 10 raw potatoes can result in a toxic response. By comparison, it is physically impossible to eat enough marijuana to induce death. Marijuana in its natural form is one of the safest therapeutically active substances known to man. By any measure of rational analysis marijuana can be safely used within the supervised routine of medical care.:.[8]

These truths simply address the medicinal benefits, without mentioning the help cannabis would bring to our environment with the possibilities of self-sustaining fuel, paper products, fabric, and rope to name a few. Hemp saves non-renewable fossil fuels, grows faster than wood (not to mention it saves this limited resource for housing), provides warmth, and negates the need to manufacture synthetic rope and fibers.

The naturally grown plant is nothing sort of miraculous with pain control more effective than life threatening narcotics, anticarcinogenic, nutritious, physically non-addictive, spreading peace and harmony, all the while being impossible to overdose on. While opposers flaunt psychologically addictive possibilities, the reflection comes to light: Are we not all psychologically addictive to a peaceful, focused, healthy state of mind and body?

The vast benefits of this magic miracle can be provided easily with just a seed, some soil, warm plentiful light, clean water, a loving touch, and federal legalization. Thirty-seven states have not turned their backs on science - or their faith in what is right - by eliminating prosecution of medical marijuana providers and patients. Countries like Canada, England, and Holland – all within the “first world” realm – have progressed to decriminalization. Various restrictions remain, but access is possible, safe, and at worst, penalized with a fine – much like a generic traffic violation. However, for the United States of America, the threat still looms like the concrete boulders currently crushing Haiti.

Once the medical and environmental benefits are understood, the realization of the positive impact legal marijuana would have on economic forces is evident. Considerable shifts of wealth are to be expected as the wealth normally siphoned by law enforcement and pharmaceutical industries begins to restabilize in the middle and lower classes from which it originated. Doctors are sure to see a decrease in revenue once enough patients become wizened to the fact that the majority of medicines are prescribed not based on need or efficacy, but for the bonuses provided by the drug manufacturers and distributors.

The gross irony is that these same medicines currently prescribed by healthcare professionals are often not even approved by the controversial FDA that has so harshly classified marijuana. Take note that even if this fact applies for medicines that have been marketed for decades, the issue here is the law and determinable punishment. What is even more frightening is that these same prescribed drugs have major skeletons in the closet – such as colchicine prescribed for gout [9].

Reams of documented cases exist where the very symptom to be addressed has either worsened, or even resulted in fatalities. If that is not frightening enough, consider the fact that the FDA does not maintain a list of unapproved meds, nor does it require doctors to inform you if the medicine you are being prescribed is in fact, approved [10]. Keeping that in mind, understand that sentencing for marijuana possession can include up to a lifetime sentence, no chance for parole even on lesser related offenses, and fines of up to $250,000 per individual [5].

To continue to deny our people safe and legal access to medical marijuana by decriminalization, as well as the health insurance to pursue it as a treatment option, is to call off the search for the surviving truth; to call off the search for a healthier, more well balanced nation, and denies us of the aid this magic miracle of God given us – now laying lost in the felonious rubble at our feet.

Written by: Jennifer O’Neal Simmons

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